Thursday, February 26, 2015

Links and Paths and Luck

I can't get over how things are invisibly linked in your life without you even knowing about it.  None of us exist in isolation and this was proved to me just today.

I recently sold a couple of items on Etsy to a lovely crafter in Fife - Aileen Clarke.  She lives not twenty miles from me.  What she did with my fibre really blew me away.  I feel like she took my creativity, added her own and the total was greater than the sum of its parts.  She is a real artist and I feel privileged that she chose to use my fibre in her work.

Anyway, enough with the gushing!  This is what she bought from my Etsy shop, SnowdaySpinning

Silk and Merino hand carded batt
Hand dyed silk hankies in blues and greens 

and this beautiful creation is what she made with it all......

Glorious, isn't it??

I know that you are now champing at the bit, saying, 'for God's sake tell me where she sells her stuff!!'  Well, since you asked so nicely.....

Aileen sells both from her website at  and also on Etsy, where you'll find her at Aileen Clarke Crafts

I dare you to have a look at her stuff and not want to buy at least five things - I know I did!!

Happy Spinning - and Felting!

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