Sunday, January 18, 2015

New dyeing, new spinning, same old me

Silk hankies are the funnest thing to dye!!

I've been dyeing, spinning, dyeing, winding, spinning, fleece sorting, spinning, dyeing, knitting.   It's just a shame there needs to be time away from the wheels and fleece to go to work.  I mean, I like my job, but I can't exactly keep my wheel by my desk........or can I???

It's fascinating how different fibres take colour differently.  Silk sucks colour up like a thirsty kid with a milkshake.

Another thing I've found is that the colours I might think I need to make up a certain shade on fleece aren't necessarily the ones you'd imagine.  Colour is unpredictable and that's one of the reasons I love dyeing so much.

I just dyed up a batch of Shetland fibre for a shawl in a beautiful blue.  The shades of blue I was going for were heathery and kind of blurred.  I used two shades of grey and also black - no blue dye went anywhere near the pot - weird, right?

This is my favourite batch of hankies for the shop so far - it's like a Turner seascape.

Monday, July 09, 2012


This is the beginning of a series of posts which I hope will encourage me to spin more and work my way through the huge stash of fleece and fibre I currently have.  I'm too chicken to try out the TDF this year on Rav, but there's always next year. 

So, this weekend, I had the luxury of time and I combed bumps of fibre with my mini Valkyrie combs.  I turned the bumps into a sparkly, bouncy two ply double knitting weight yarn.  I think there's about 130g there altogether.  The sparkle was what hooked me.  It's a kind of sea green/blue - think Vegas Mermaid.

Bumble Bee Exotic Blend from
 I'd also treated myself to three 100g lengths of tops from World of Wool a little while back.  The Bumble Bee colourway was the first one I tackled and turned out to be a bit of a surprise.  I'd thought it would turn out yellow and black, but not so much!  It's a lovely, deep, lustrous green.  I think it's the silk in the fibre which gives the lovely sheen and I tried to bring this out by thwacking the washed skein on the side of the sink a few times.  Think it worked well and I'll add photos very soon.  I'm actually tempted to buy some more so that I have a usable amount of yarn, instead of the 97g I've ended up with. 

I'm trying to get better at adding photos to Rav and this blog, so hopefully more photos of fibre and finished yarn will follow. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


**warning -this post contains swearing.....much, much swearing******

****consider yourself warned!*****

I was supposed to be attending the Jared Flood seamless sweater design workshop yesterday as part of the Knit Camp 2010 festivities. Yeah, well that didn't happen. I've been pretty neutral on the Ravelry boards since I dislike how it makes us look as a knitting community if we all indulge in a bit of 'let's pile on and trash the bitch'. Well, I say neutral, but what I really mean is I've been trying to make my point in a firm way without resorting to saying what I really wanted to which was:

"What the fuck! How can you get away with treating people like this, you clueless cow?"

When I called at 9:30 on Monday evening to see if the event was going ahead the next day, the lady I spoke to was pretty calm, sounded a bit stressed I suppose and she told me my Tuesday class was being put forward one day to Wednesday 'would that cause me a problem?'. Yes, when you work full time and have specifically arranged one fucking day to attend a workshop with a freaking knitting hero of yours, moving the agreed date is a bit of an inconvenience, actually! I have meetings and commitments today, Thursday and Friday, so I was screwed. I hope everyone who goes has a fantastic time. I'll be there on Saturday with my mad knitting crew, but I'm gutted to be missing Jared and I'm just so fucking angry at the way we have been treated.

Lady needs to learn the art of communication....and fast.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

busy doesn't cover it!

since we've been back (a whole 2 days now) I've been crafting like a demon in our sweatshop - sorry dining room. I've made a little collection of felted leaf and flower brooches and I've just listed a new item on - a cute cream felted bowl. Life is busy, busy. I still have the order for Texere to finish up and I need to check whether anything from the little collection I put into another shop has sold yet. Nervous about that, but still excited! Things seem to have really taken off in a small but exciting way for me with the shop and I'm hoping when the mention in next months's Yarn Forward is taken into account, sales might just start to creep up and up. I can hope anyway!

It's not that I don't like my job, it's just that doing what I'm doing with MY company and MY time and using MY skills is just so satisfying, I can't help but wish I could spend more time on it.
Here's hoping you all get to spend more time doing what you really love in the next little while :o)

In the meantime, here's a little taste of what I've been up to.......

Saturday, July 24, 2010

cakes and knitting

Just got back from Cambridge yesterday where we were camping at a lovely spot. Lovely weather - so much so that I actually sport a colour other than 'peely-wally'. Saw some beautiful sights, ate some lovely cake, was in danger of lamping students in Cambridge itself if they had asked me one more time whether I wanted to punt down the river. Good clean cake-filled fun.
I knitted, too - the Pi Shawl above is from EZ's lexicon in single ply icelandic. Love that stuff. You have to be a little bit 'ginger' with it while you're knitting, but it seems to make your brain send signals to your fingers to be gentle and relax. I strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn't already tried it out. And it's cheap as chips! The other pics are from Ely Cathedral. Amazing place - we loved it so much, we went twice.
Glad to be home now, but not glad at the size of the pile of washing awaiting me :o(

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

just the one

Forgot I had this one of my mum in her Christmas present. I'll upload it to Ravelry when I'm feeling better, but here it is for now - Mum in her Opal sock yarn Ishbel

and here's the other bit of Christmas knitting, Dad's feet in his Christmas socks (I can't believe it's taken me to July to upload these!!!!)

stinking cold

I'm at home off work with the aforementioned stinking cold. I can't even knit to cheer myself up since I can't put my glasses on, my eyes and nose are running so much. TMI, I know, but I have to give you the full picture so you sympathise! I'm sneaking five minutes online before I go for a nap. Don't have any knitting photos to show off, but thought I'd show another garden photo, just to prove I'm still alive and blogging :o)
As soon as this stinky cold has gone, I'm going to be putting some of my knitted and beaded stuff on sale in a local library - Duloch library, if any of my followers are in Fife and fancy a look. I might see if I can get a snap of the little cabinet once it's all loaded up with my brooches and baby shoes and button brooches and felted you're curious!
see you all on the other side of the sniffles.....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Folksy birthday!

As promised over on Ravelry, here are some pics of the lovely things I chose for my daughter's birthday today:

Lovely mini handbound book in moroccan leather from Oscar Cat Designs on Folksy

THE cutest owl in the whole world courtesy of entanglewood on Folksy

A set of beautiful sleepy owl cards from gooseberrymoon on Folksy

fantastic camera badges from Mighty Thrifty on Folksy

lovely, delicate turquoise rose earrings from Realicoul on Folksy

Quirky camera earrings - really detailed and unusual from Purple Schmurple on Folksy

sweet, sweet polka dot hairgrips from Concept Design Form on Folksy

the sweetest westie badge from Forever Foxed on Folksy

and the most delicious ginger lip balm from ameliorate on Folksy

and finally, the most original little painted mirror from Superfumi on Folksy

all I need to say is - who needs chainstores????