Monday, March 17, 2008

wwf knitting

Don't deny it - I know you're trying to work out if wwf is code for something obscene! No, I didn't mean to post wtf, although I have had a few of those kind of moments in the past wee while - the past 34 years or so being the worst. I'm referring to the knitting I did this weekend. You see, my requested copy of Mason Dixon Knitting came in to work on Thursday, so this weekend was spent raiding drawers and charity shop bags for t-shirts to cut up and slipknot together to make one ginormous rag ball. It's not nearly as big as the 8lb one in the book, but my butt was numb from sitting on the floor cutting t-shirts into calamari loops for so long and I was impatient to get going with it.

We ended up with a ball of mixed blues, reds, greys, reds and black which weighed in at 2 1/2 lbs. Only thing is, while the t-shirt cotton is nice and soft, you're knitting with a doubled thickness and at some points we might have strayed away from the guideling of 1" thickness, so some of the strips have to be wrestled onto and off the needles. My wrists are a bit achey this morning from all that hard work and I think it'll be a project where you can physically only manage a couple of rows at a time. You know, before your hands actually fall off. Marines couldn't knit fast with this stuff. But, I have to say, putting the yarn together was completely absorbing - even for my 11yr old who has the attention span of a cheese sandwich.

Need longer number 10 circulars, though. At the moment, it's so squashed up on the needles and so stiff you could wear it as a native American head dress. Actually, there's an idea.........

Mason Dixon Knitting is a great book, though. I'm already picturing a purply/pink lace curtain at the daughter's window and cream linen ones at our bedroom window. There are 6 dining chairs crying out for a padded knitted cushion and I have some single ply pure wool left over from a cardigan that would make a killer felted box.

If only work and eating and sleeping didn't clutter up and waste so much time.