Tuesday, March 03, 2015


I hate being cold.  The best thing we ever did in our house is install a wood burning stove.  I could kiss that thing.  Scotland is a cold place.  And when it's not actually freezing cold, it's usually busy being miserable, grey or dreich.

One things for certain, though.  It makes it a lot easier to justify knitting blankets.  I have piles.  Not in the medical sense; in the sense of having multiple layers of knitted blankets available to me.

Christmas Stonington Shawl in Plotulopi - unspun Icelandic yarn.  If you need a good blanket or shawl pattern, take a look through Elizabeth Zimmermann projects on Ravelry for inspiration.

Log cabin mash-up blanket.  It's gotten a bit bigger since this photo was taken.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi shawl made with doubled Plotulopi to be a bit thicker and bigger 
There are more blankets in my house - I'll need to take some pictures of the cosiness.  Especially since it's a snowy day here in Scotland and I'm freezing!!!!!  There's nothing like a wood burner and a layer of wool over your lap to keep the chill out.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!

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