Wednesday, August 11, 2010


**warning -this post contains swearing.....much, much swearing******

****consider yourself warned!*****

I was supposed to be attending the Jared Flood seamless sweater design workshop yesterday as part of the Knit Camp 2010 festivities. Yeah, well that didn't happen. I've been pretty neutral on the Ravelry boards since I dislike how it makes us look as a knitting community if we all indulge in a bit of 'let's pile on and trash the bitch'. Well, I say neutral, but what I really mean is I've been trying to make my point in a firm way without resorting to saying what I really wanted to which was:

"What the fuck! How can you get away with treating people like this, you clueless cow?"

When I called at 9:30 on Monday evening to see if the event was going ahead the next day, the lady I spoke to was pretty calm, sounded a bit stressed I suppose and she told me my Tuesday class was being put forward one day to Wednesday 'would that cause me a problem?'. Yes, when you work full time and have specifically arranged one fucking day to attend a workshop with a freaking knitting hero of yours, moving the agreed date is a bit of an inconvenience, actually! I have meetings and commitments today, Thursday and Friday, so I was screwed. I hope everyone who goes has a fantastic time. I'll be there on Saturday with my mad knitting crew, but I'm gutted to be missing Jared and I'm just so fucking angry at the way we have been treated.

Lady needs to learn the art of communication....and fast.