Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Food memories - Jean's Meatloaf

This blog isn't always going to be about spinning.  No-one's one dimensional and I'm no different to anyone else.  I love food as well as fibre, so occasionally, I'll be throwing out a few recipes for stuff I love.  Hope you enjoy!

This meatloaf is a moveable feast that is always delicious.  I've been making it for over twenty years and have never served it to anyone without them asking for the recipe.  I'm almost embarrassed to tell them how to make it; it's so simple.  But delicious.  So delicious.  And the sandwiches it makes the day after are out of this world.

This is my mum in law's meatloaf.  Jean was one of a kind and I loved and love her very much.  

Half as much finely chopped streaky smoked bacon to however much leftover roast chicken or turkey you have to hand.  One packet of bread sauce mix (I know, I know, but trust me!).  3-4 eggs or more if you are making a larger quantity.  You need enough egg to make the mix feel very slightly sloppy when you mix it, but not runny with egg.

If you should have any little pockets of jellified juices in the corner of the roasting tray, add them to the mix, too.  It's all delicious flavour.

Turn out the mixture into a loaf tin - or two if you've got a lot of mixture - lined with a greaseproof paper liner.  Do not use foil.  Repeat - Do. Not. Use. Foil.  It will stick like sticky stuff on a particularly sticky day.

Bake at Gas 5, 180 degrees C, 360 degrees F, until golden brown.  When you insert a thin-bladed knife and pull it out to touch it, it should feel uncomfortably hot.

Let cool a little and serve with either mashed potatoes and more bread sauce and peas or with little cubes of roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes.  Either way it's delish!  It slices better the next day once things have settled a bit and cooled, but even hot and crumbly it's amazing.

And now I know what I want for dinner tonight........

Happy Spinning - and Eating!

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