Saturday, June 23, 2007

that time of year again

What I can't figure out is how I'm convinced this is my daughter's birthday cake from last year when there are only 9 candles and she was ten. She'll be 11 on the 29th of June. Only 6 more sleeps, Rhia!
I'm actually a really good baker, btw, this was a special request from the spawn after we so enjoyed decorating our homemade gingerbread house at Christmas that I thought the poor thing was going to collapse under the weight of cheap sweets and royal icing. Fantastic fun, doing this kind of thing together - we have the same outrageous lack of taste and inability to stop once we start gluing sweets to things.
The other gorgeous lady in the pic. is my mum. She helped us decorate the last gingerbread house and was worse than Rhia and I combined. She kept pasting sweets to the house and then ripping them all off again, complaining that they didn't look quite right. Of course she had to eat the ones she'd taken off. I think we can blame the three or four large sherries we'd had for this kind of behaviour. It wasn't the kind of thing we ever did together when I was small and she was busy, but now, I think it'll become a new Christmas tradition for the three of us. Sitting round our dining table listening to Christmas songs, me ordering my mum to stop hogging the royal icing and eating all the bloody pink sweets already! And her completely ignoring me. Oh how she must have enjoyed that one!
Photos of actual knitting tomorrow now I've figured out how to add them. What a luddite.

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