Saturday, June 23, 2007

new start - again

I've finally joined ranks with the blogging community, then. I tried this a while ago but didn't find the energy to post regularly. I must do better, try harder and knit faster this time round!

The plan here is for me to just yap on about all the irrelevant things that clutter my brain and if anyone reads it - fine. If not, well at least my brain will have less dust bunnies and I might be able to remember just what it was I went upstairs to look for a few times a week. Less time spent head scratching would be good.

Actually I don't mind the senior moments when you open the fridge and can't remember what you needed or you have to check that the door is locked three times before you can get in the car - the one that really gets me is when I'm sitting on the loo and can't recall if I've pee'd or not. I'm only 33. At this rate I'll be wearing purple and talking to myself by the time I reach 40. There's an old lady who lives nearby who paints her rose bushes white and sticks bunches of artificial flowers in her front garden. Maybe I'll be a bit like that. I could felt hundreds of flowers and staple them everywhere. At least I'd be stashbusting, right?

I've a few photos of F.O's to post a little later - including a red version of Stefanie Japel's leaf cardie from the Summer Knitty that I'm really happy with, but for now I need to go make homemade spring rolls with my daughter.

Hope you're having as good a Saturday as I am.

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