Monday, June 25, 2007

new camera!

Well, not so much new as new to me. It's the husband's camera and I've been playing around with it this afternoon. The skeins are ones I dyed in the Easter holidays with the help of Rhia and some Koolaid. She called the purple one Hippy Dippy, the green/yellow one is Kermit's Sunday Best, I can't remember what we called the pink one I began to knit a sock with (before I realised that my sock size is not 'toddler' and took it off the needles) and the pink/orange one with a hint of green is named in tribute to my favourite chocolate bar of long ago - Fry's Five Centres. It was a thin dark chocolate bar with a fondant centre that began with raspberry and merged into orange and them lemon and then lime and ........I can't actually remember what the fifth flavour was. Strawberry? Blackcurrant? Anyway, it was delicious and the flash of green in the skein along with the pink and orange just reminded me of it straightaway. And no, I will not be keeping with the theme and dipping the socks in melted dark chocolate when they are done.

The stripy thing the skeins are resting on is my half-finished - or actually, more than half-finished, I hope - log-cabin blanket. It is a completely addictive knit, especially when you are on a strict yarn diet like me and need a way to use up scraps of nice yarn. Although, as this thing is getting bigger and bigger, the scraps are turning into bigger and bigger balls. Whatever, I'm just waiting for the go-ahead to start a job in the local library so at least I'll have cash soon to buy more, won't I?

I've started making a little pile of small log-cabin squares - just the centre panel with one set of stripes around to use up the smaller balls of yarn. Can you tell I'm Scottish and thrifty? I've just worked out a way to seam them together today too, and I'm quite chuffed with it. I'm going to use a 3 stitch i-cord taking stitches from two panels alternately with finer yarn and needles and bind them together that way. Or that's the plan anyway. I think it'll be a November project somehow. We're going away in November up to Oban to a big house with two other families so I'll probably need small sanity projects round about then.
Anyway, I'm off to take more pic's with this camera while I still have a loan of it.

Hope Monday was kind to you.

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Shauna said...

Beautiful colors!!