Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Surprise Yarn Balls

This is something I've been mulling over for a while.  The idea of a surprise yarn ball......

The idea is that I take a ball of my handspun yarn and wrap it around several little trinkets that fall out as surprises as you knit something with the yarn.  I've made a prototype for my friend Ali's birthday.  I was thinking she would enjoy simply knitting and felting the yarn and then making flower brooches from the felt and brooch backs and embellishing them with the beads and ribbon.

I know I'd like to receive a surprise yarn ball like this.  We'll see if Ali agrees and then, if the feedback is positive, I'll need to get busy making more for the shop on Etsy.

The hand spun and hand dyed Romney yarn and all the goodies hidden inside the yarn ball - pretty beads, handmade stitch markers, ribbon, thread and brooch backs

Ta-daa!  The finished ball.

What do you think?  Would other knitters like this as much as I would - or am I deluding myself?

If you have a second to spare, let me know in the comments below if you like the idea of a surprise yarn ball and would buy it for yourself or for a knitter friend.

I was thinking of including vintage buttons in the next one for some added fun.


goldilox said...

Nice idea, I've seen something like this on Ravelry. I've been meaning to have a go at one for a while now but not sure what to put in there. I suppose it depends who the recipient is, but if you were thinking of putting them on Etsy you could include wrapped chocolates or sweets and other inexpensive trinkets.

Christine said...

I was wondering about putting a couple of individually packaged sachets of tea in the next ball, but wasn't sure about edibles, since quite a bit of what I sell goes to warmer climes and I wouldn't want anyone tipping half-melted chocolate into their lap while they were knitting :o)

You're only limited by what you can physically wrap into the ball, so have a go! I'd love to hear what you put into your surprise ball if you do make one.