Thursday, April 09, 2009

dyeing to meet you

For the second easter holidays in a row, my daughter and I have been dyeing like women possessed with Koolaid. Smells nice - except when you add cider vinegar to the dye, in which case it reeks like an especially rank pair of socks. It's easy to use and gives colours that are bright without being BRIGHT and looks homemade without looking too homespun, if you see what I mean. At least, I hope they don't look too homemade - let me know what you think!

We used at least 4 packets of Koolaid for each 100g of yarn - a nice undyed merino 4ply I bought from Texere mills online.

The yarn colourways are, from the top - where the wild socks are, spring, Irn-Bru on a summer day and below that, cherry blossom. The last picture is when the skeins were just dry and waiting to be re-skeined and buttoned - badly! Can anyone point me in the direction of a toot on how to skein and button yarn????
e.t.a. I've just noticed, when you embiggen the last photo of 'hand with yarn' you can see how wrinkly and pruned my fingertips are from all that dyeing.

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