Thursday, February 26, 2009

reasons to be cheerful, 1,2,3...

No posts lately, down to the job being kerazy busy, but will try to do better. Maybe I can start by listing all the things I've knitted in the past while and then wait for the smack on the back of the head when I tell you that I have no pictures of any of them. Not the Charlie Brown jumper I've just finished for my niece's baby or the cardigan and Wicked jumper I knit with my Christmas wool. Pathetic.

I mean, how hard is it to walk the ten steps to pick up the camera after I've finished something and then take a few snaps? It's not like I'm having to fight my way through rampaging hordes to get to the camera or anything. No, the worst we're talking about negotiating is a flight of stairs. And yet, still there are no photos. I'm thinking of just passing all photographing duties over to either the daughter or the husband.

It's not always pure laziness, though. Although I can't imagine feeling completely at home in any other country and I love living in Scotland, our days are not always filled with the type of light that lets you take effortlessly lovely photos - like the ones on brooklyntweed's blog for example. His photos are amazing. Just beautiful. He captures everything in one go; the fibre, the stitch pattern - everything. If I could put one photo up on this blog that is one tenth of his standard, I would be so delighted.

Maybe I should aim lower and plan to have one photo per post this year. And with that in mind - here you go. One photo. My pattern - albeit heavily influenced by the very warm hat by EZ. And I am entitled to look like that. I've been in a service plan meeting all day with the 'high heid yins'. You'd look like this too if you'd been there! And I clearly have the attention span of a cheese sandwich 'cos I see from the title of this post it was meant to be something entirely different.

"I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow."

Any guesses for this lyric??

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