Wednesday, July 07, 2010

stinking cold

I'm at home off work with the aforementioned stinking cold. I can't even knit to cheer myself up since I can't put my glasses on, my eyes and nose are running so much. TMI, I know, but I have to give you the full picture so you sympathise! I'm sneaking five minutes online before I go for a nap. Don't have any knitting photos to show off, but thought I'd show another garden photo, just to prove I'm still alive and blogging :o)
As soon as this stinky cold has gone, I'm going to be putting some of my knitted and beaded stuff on sale in a local library - Duloch library, if any of my followers are in Fife and fancy a look. I might see if I can get a snap of the little cabinet once it's all loaded up with my brooches and baby shoes and button brooches and felted you're curious!
see you all on the other side of the sniffles.....

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