Wednesday, April 09, 2008

shaking the margarine tub of life

I should probably explain.

When I was little, we had a fridge (yes I came from a priveledged background, what of it?) and inside this fridge at any one time would be on average five or six identical margarine tubs. My mum would use them to store leftovers, so any time you wanted to spread some delicious margarine on a piece of toast say, you had to pick up and shake a few tubs before you hit paydirt. A heavy slosh meant tinned peaches, a slow slump meant tinned beans and as for a dry rattly shake, take my word for it and don't open this one - it'll only be maggots for your brother's weekend fishing trip. Yeah, that one still haunts me.

I'm realising as I age how much like my mother I am. Now I'm the one who won't throw away leftovers and won't mark freezer boxes so that what you think is tomato soup you're defrosting for lunch? Yeah, that'll be the strawberry/rhubarb puree I froze months ago.

I'm like this with my stash too. Half or quarter balls are kept - hell, balls that a dealer would give out as freebies are still kept for that rainy day project where they'll be indispensable.

But I've found a project to use up all of those micro balls of sock yarn at least. The Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelley Kang. Have a look at or search for sock yarn blanket on Ravelry. I promise it's worth a look.

"It's like fighting a battle of wills with an unarmed man."
overheard this week at work.

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